Plan to Whiten Teeth Ahead of Summer Travel

Do you have a vacation booked for this summer? Want to make sure your smile looks as radiant as possible before you leave for this trip? Do not wait to talk to your dentist about teeth whitening treatment offered at their office.

Your dentist will evaluate your unique smile and aesthetic goals to determine the best way to brighten your tooth color and achieve the pearly white smile of your dreams. But if you want your teeth to look their best before your planned vacation, you will want to book an appointment at your dentist’s office now.

Timing can play a major role in the results of teeth whitening treatment. Learn more about how to maximize the effects of professional teeth whitening with your dentist when you read on.

Plan to Whiten Teeth Ahead of Summer Travel

Schedule Around Planned Events

Many people look forward to whitening their teeth before a special occasion, such as a summer vacation. A brighter smile can look gorgeous in photographs. And you can smile with ease when you feel proud of the way your teeth appear.

Timing regarding when to book teeth whitening around your vacation will depend on which type of treatment you pursue. Take-home teeth whitening trays, for instance, may take one or two weeks to gradually brighten your smile. Factor this window of time in relation to your upcoming vacation when planning teeth whitening treatment.

If you want to whiten your teeth during a session at your dentist’s office, you can achieve a brighter smile in about one hour. The dentist will apply bleaching gel to the teeth and use concentrated light to activate the ingredients that will lift and dissolve dental stains.

Despite the quick and easy process, you should not delay contacting your dentist about this treatment. You want to make sure your dentist has appointments available for your desired time.

Your teeth may take 48 hours to achieve the full effects of whitening treatment at your dentist’s office. Consider leaving some wiggle room before you leave for a trip. This way, you can enjoy the maximum benefits of this smile enhancement.

Tips to Whiten Teeth at Home

As mentioned, take-home whitening kits provided by your dentist can take a week or two to complete. If you have a vacation getaway planned during this time period, you can still continue teeth whitening treatment while away from home. Make sure you bring all necessary items related to this treatment, including custom-made trays and whitening gel, with you on your trip.

Follow your dentist’s instructions regarding how long you must wear whitening trays and how to store the materials. You will achieve the best results from this treatment when you comply with guidelines and do not skip steps in the process.

Dentists suggest wearing whitening trays at night before bedtime. This way, your teeth can recover from the treatment without disruption from eating, drinking, or other substances. However, your schedule may vary while on vacation, so wear them at a time that best suits your needs.