4 Treatments for Brighter Teeth

Over time, your pearly white teeth might start to turn yellow, dull, or dark. Stains on your teeth can make you feel self-conscious. But your dentist can recommend a number of cosmetic dental solutions that will make your smile bright again.

The dentist will evaluate your smile aesthetic goals and existing dental condition to determine the right treatment for you. But you can feel more confident attending a consultation when you know details about the potential treatment options. Read on to learn more about four of the treatments a dentist can offer that will help brighten your smile.

4 Treatments for Brighter Teeth

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatment

Though you might see teeth whitening products at your local shop, you should instead talk to your dentist about professional teeth whitening services. While over-the-counter kits can address some forms of dental discoloration, treatment from a dental expert can provide better results.

Your dentist will use digital impressions of your smile to make custom trays. Then over the course of a few days, you will fill the trays with professional-grade bleaching gel and wear them as directed. The bleaching agents lift dental stains to make your smile several shades brighter.

Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Your dentist might also suggest tooth bonding treatment to resolve dental discoloration in your smile. This treatment involves the application of composite resin to the teeth. To ensure the material adheres properly, the dentist prepares the teeth’s surfaces by etching into the enamel.

The dentist will mold malleable resin to cover stubborn stains on your teeth. Then they cure the resin to harden it so that it stays in place. The tooth-colored material looks beautiful and makes your smile appear brighter.

Bonding could develop stains if you are not careful, so follow your dentist’s aftercare instructions for optimal results. Dental bonding can last on your smile for three to ten years, but you can discuss touch-up opportunities with your dentist before this time if needed.

Porcelain Veneers

Find a long-lasting, durable treatment for brightening your tooth color with porcelain veneers. A dentist will use impressions of your smile to build custom-made caps that will attach to the front of the teeth with bonding. The veneers will cover discolored teeth to make your teeth whiter without appearing jarringly inauthentic in your smile.

You will need to attend multiple appointments at your dentist’s office to complete veneer treatment. But these fixtures can stay in your smile for fifteen years without staining when you take care of them.

Dental Crowns

You might recognize dental crowns as a restorative dental treatment. But a dentist constructs crowns in a similar way as veneers in that they can consider your aesthetic goals when making these ceramic caps that cover the surface of a tooth.

The crown can fit over stubborn dental discoloration and leave your tooth looking brighter as well as natural in your smile. Learn more about the best way to whiten your unique smile by calling your dentist today.