Maintain Your Beautiful Smile with a Teeth Cleaning

Looking to keep your teeth straight, bright, and pearly white? You can preserve the beautiful appearance of your smile when you take proper care of it. This means practicing good at-home oral hygiene and attending check-ups at your dentist’s office on a regular basis.

The average dental patient will need to attend routine dental appointments every six months. At these visits, your dentist will perform an oral health exam as well as a teeth cleaning. Without this dental attention, you could face dental health concerns.

But without proper preventive dental efforts, the look of your teeth may deteriorate in multiple ways. You can feel more inclined to book a dental check-up when you are familiar with the benefits it can bring to your smile aesthetics. Check out three ways that routine dental cleanings protect your smile’s appearance when you read on.

Maintain Your Beautiful Smile with a Teeth Cleaning

Remove Surface Stains on the Teeth

Do you notice dark stains on the surface of your teeth? This discoloration can appear harsh against the light color of your teeth, disrupting your beautiful smile. Surface dental stains can form when you consume items that contain staining agents, such as coffee, black tea, or red wine.

Sometimes, you can use your toothbrush to scrub away stains that are close to the surface of your tooth enamel. But your dentist can use more targeted tools during a dental cleaning to scrape away stubborn surface stains. You can see a brighter, more even tooth color as a result after your appointment.

If dental stains penetrate too deeply into the enamel, you may need teeth-whitening solutions to brighten your smile. Your dentist can let you know more about your smile enhancement options during your check-up.

Reduce Gum Inflammation

Your toothbrush and floss allow you to remove plaque and other harmful residues that develop over your teeth throughout your day. However, these tools do not always reach all areas of your mouth, especially the line where the gum tissue meets your teeth.

Plaque and other build-ups can collect in this spot where they will irritate the gum tissue. This can make the gums inflamed, leaving you with red and puffy gums that will distract from the otherwise gorgeous look of your smile.

During a dental cleaning, a dentist will target this tricky spot of your smile, removing the stubborn build-up to make your smile clean. With this build-up gone, the swelling and other periodontal symptoms will resolve. Then you can smile with confidence in your beautiful teeth and gums again.

Preserve Your Dental Structure

If you skip your regular teeth-cleaning appointment, then plaque and other residues will remain on your smile. They will encourage the spread of oral bacteria, which will eat away at your dental structure.

Your teeth will then be weaker and more vulnerable to many oral health problems. But they could also face a greater risk of dental discoloration and other cosmetic concerns. Keep your teeth strong enough to resist these aesthetic issues by attending your dental check-ups as directed.